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Arche Noris gGmbH Nürnberg

Arche Noris gGmbH operates a total of over 30 facilities in the areas of care for the elderly and assistance for the disabled in Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Arche Noris gGmbH is part of the Sozialnetzwerk Arche e.V. association. Arche Noris gGmbH employs over 1,000 people. The company’s headquarters are in Nuremberg in central Franconia.

more than

1000 Employees

in more than

30 Facilities




Arche gGmbH

Arche gGmbH offers a wide range of services in Bavaria and Saxony. Arche gGmbH runs facilities in the areas of child and youth welfare, assistance for the disabled, assistance for the elderly and vocational assistance. The company is part of the Sozialnetzwerk Arche e.V. association. Around 700 people are employed by Arche gGmbH. The company is headquartered in Würzburg, Lower Franconia.


700 Employees

Arche gGmbH's facilities include:

Child & Disability care

• The Kinderarche of Arche gGmbH – Fürth

Disability assistance

• Arche Heidingsfeld – Heidingsfeld
• Arche am Trojaweg — Heuchelhof
• Arche am Margeritenweg – Rottenbauer

Elderly care

• Seniorenzentrum Arche am Schloss – Giebelstadt
• Seniorenzentrum Arche Höchberg – Höchberg
• Seniorenzentrum Arche Drei Eichen – Höchberg
• Seniorenzentrum Arche am Seeweg – Waldbüttelbrunn


Institute forinternational communication andforeign cultural work e.V.

The institute offers face-to-face and online language courses for all levels.

more than

30 Years

Experience in language training for students and company employees

Intensive courses

Exam preparation

Summer university

Diakonia Bavaria

The #ArcheWorks gGmbH is a member of Diakonisches Werk Bayern

Diakonie is one of the six major independent welfare organizations in Germany. Together with them and the public agencies – the districts and municipalities – it ensures basic social services in Germany. It maintains many thousands of facilities where more than 400,000 people work. This is what sets us apart from other providers in the social sector: the basis of our actions is the Christian image of man. As a creature of God, man has inalienable dignity. He is valuable in himself, regardless of his economic or creative power. We want to take care of his problems and help solve them. Together with him.


We have partners abroad who help us recruit applicants and offer language courses in their home country.

Language school"Schritte"

Prof. Muzlijaj Peja, Kosovo


Foundation „Verbundenheit mit den Deutschen im Ausland“

Focus on Central and South America


Kinderarche St. Christophorus

curative-educational-therapeutic intensive care facility for children and adolescents